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The Sambasaurus is a 1965 VW Type 2 Split Screen 21-window DeLuxe "Samba". It began life with a 1500cc heart but nowadays it is much fitter and stronger...

  • Paint : L289 Blue White over L360 Sea Blue
  • Factory Options: M164 Sliding side door, M121 Ambulance Fans, M055 Steering Lock, M184 Walk-Through
  • Engine : 2366cc VW Type Four, Twin 44 IDF Weber Carbs, Webcam 86c Cam, Porsche cooling fan and shroud, Stateside Tuning big valve cylinder heads and a bespoke exhaust system
  • Clutch : Kennedy Stage 2
  • Wheels : Compomotive MO 7x16 ET45
  • Suspension : VW Type 3 IRS rear end by Harry Harpics
  • Gearbox: 1303S Beetle Gearbox built by Cogbox with Super-Diff and heavy duty side plate