Once upon a time...


Sambasaurus was born in 1965 in Hanover, Germany. It was one of five siblings with similar markings, used as shuttle buses for a hotel chain in Düsseldorf. Sambasaurus would dearly love to hear from any of the four relatives if they are still alive.

A lot of subsequent history is unknown, much of the fifty years that it has been alive still remain a mystery. What is known is that it was rescued from certain death in a German field in 2001 by Dan Buzzo. He brought it to England and breathed new life into the old bones with a new, much stronger heart and extensive body surgery where necessary. The intention was to introduce Sambasaurus to Drag Racing as part of a photographic art project. Some of you may remember the worldwide fame the Sambasaurus enjoyed in the aircooled VW world as the "Akciddento" brand spread far and wide via early social media in the days before online viral marketing was prevalent.

In 2004 the project was over and Sambasaurus moved to a new home. The current keeper continued to race until 2008 when it was time for Sambasaurus to take a rest. Now in 2015 it's back, fighting fit and as strong as ever!